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April marks the beginning of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year at Hampden-Sydney and we remain in a strong position to reach our final goal of 3,775 alumni donors by June 30th.  Although we didn’t quite reach the second benchmark of the Make History for H-SC Challenge, we’re 200 alumni donors ahead of our progress at this point last year when the 3,000 Alumni Strong Challenge was announced. 

In addition to the 1,951 alumni donors who have made their gifts as of 3/31/14, there are also 278 alumni who have already pledged a gift for this year.  As a result, we will combine the final two $100,000 benchmark incentives; $200,000 is now on the table if we meet our overall goal by the end of the fiscal year.

We are in a great position to meet our final goal, but we need your help. We can still earn $200,000 (on top of the $100,000 already guaranteed from meeting the December benchmark) if we’re able to reach 3,775 alumni donors by June 30th.  Help us make history today.


Thank you for your consideration,

Dr. Lee King ’94
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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Our goal is 3,775 alumni donors—more than any other year in H-SC history. Last year, we finished at 3,371. Here’s where we stand today:

Let's Make History!

Alumni Goal denotes Goal

check for goal reached$100,000 if we reach 1,500 by December 31st - Benchmark reached with 1543 donors.
2,229 gifts and pledges on March 31st.
$200,000 if we reach 3,775 by June 30th.

2018 / 3775 Alumni Donors

Numbers updated daily at 8:30 PM