Make History for Hampden-Sydney College

June 4, 2014 was Giving Day.
914 gifts for $167,411 in 24 hours!

Thank you to all the alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, and friends for your support.

Make History for H-SC Challenge

Since her arrival on the Hill in 1980, Anita Garland has spent her days recruiting the “good men and good citizens” of Hampden-Sydney College. I’m sure many of us easily remember her beautifully hand-written personal notes, her signature sense of style, and her incredible ability to describe the Hampden-Sydney experience as no one else can. I think you will find that Anita’s description of the Hampden-Sydney experience – of our experience – still resonates with you today.

In large part, that is because the work of the College is still relevant – and still resonating – today. The Class of 2014, who graduated under the oaks on Venable Lawn this May, has now passed through the gates to make way for the incoming Class of 2018. Those young men will also take a seat under the oaks this August and prepare to enjoy an atmosphere of sound learning made possible for them by all those who have come before them.

As the fiscal year draws to a close on June 30, I hope you will reflect on the many gifts Hampden-Sydney has given you and the responsibility each of us shares to support our alma mater.

Help make a difference for Hampden-Sydney today. Our goal is to reach 3,775 alumni donors by June 30 and make history for the College. I hope you will be counted in this important effort.

On behalf of a grateful College,

Dr. Lee King '94
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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A Special Message from Anita Garland

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What We Support


Our goal is 3,775 alumni donors—more than any other year in H-SC history. Last year, we finished at 3,371. Here’s where we stand today:

Let's Make History!

Alumni Goal denotes Goal

check for goal reached$100,000 if we reach 1,500 by December 31st - Benchmark reached with 1543 donors.
2,229 gifts and pledges on March 31st.
$200,000 if we reach 3,775 by June 30th.

3123 / 3775 Alumni Donors

Numbers updated daily at 8:30 PM